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October really was a scary month

I usually love fall. October through December has always been one of my favorite times of year. But not this October. Pumpkins, fall leaves, and a fat ass. This October literally sucked. Yep, “plateauville” was where I lived. If location is everything, then my location sucked! When I did my weekly weigh in on November 1st, I was only .4 pounds less than what I weighed on October 1st (Yes, that is point 4!). That means I did not even lose a ½ pound in the entire month of October. Hmmmm….. I still followed the same program, ate lettuce like a rabbit, and exercised like I loved it yet I was rewarded with NOTHING. Trust me; the dreaded plateau is more frustrating than the last bite of pound cake falling off your fork. 

The only good news is that this lovely plateau has cured me of my scale obsession. I decided to give up my daily weigh in when I weighed the same for the umpteenth day in a row and suddenly felt the urge to set my scale on fire. Yep, no more doses of daily scale for me. Anyway…. I am now determined to bust through this plateau and emerge victorious on the other side. So I decided to research plateaus in the hopes that I would find a solution to my problem. I spent hours online taking notes and writing down tips (Note to self: Run in the opposite direction whenever you see a forum titled “How long was your longest plateau?”….. Seeing people answering “years” almost made me puke up a carrot stick). More good news? This plateau sofa/daybed by designer Adrian McDermott is awesome. Much better than a real plateau! (Yes, I googled "plateau images").

It is amazing how much good (change up activity or diet) and bad (lower calories below 1200) advice there is out there for busting a plateau! I sifted through all the info and decided on a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) plan for my plateau. The plan is to:

 1) Drink more water. Sounds easy enough. Although I was already drinking 7-8 glasses a day, I read that really active people need to drink even more water. So I am upping my water intake to at least 11-12 glasses per day. I have already started this step and although the increased trips to the bathroom are annoying, I must admit the crystal clear water in the toilet AFTER I use it is amazing. Makes me feel downright healthy! (I know…way more information than you needed).

2) Carb Cycling. I decided I needed to mix up my diet a bit to get the weight loss going again. I read a lot about carb cycling and have decided to modify what I found out to fit my needs. My goal is to lower my carb intake overall by cycling low, moderate & higher carb days. I usually eat all the carbs I want within my calorie range so this is a big step for me! I know I can’t just do low carb (I love carbs too much!) but I know I can cycle in some low carb days knowing carbs will be back on the menu soon.


3) HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. I decided I need to switch up my workout too, so my fat arse might get “shocked” into losing weight again. I already work out a lot (1-2 hours/day, 6 days a week) so I did not feel like it would help to add more cardio. Also, I already do a wide variety (cycle, treadmill, kickboxing, Zumba, cardio dance, step, etc) of workouts so I decided to look for something I had not tried. I am going to try some interval training since it is suppose to burn more fat and calories in a shorter amount of time. I am going to lower my cardio days to 3-4 days a week and add 3 days of interval training. This interval training will consist of running on the treadmill for 20-40 minutes, doing slower intervals for 90 seconds then running hard for 30 seconds.

This plateau better not last much longer cause I am a girl on a mission and I am not really good with being patient. I have GOALS and if I am willing to work hard then I expect to see the results. I know I am not the best at posting on this blog consistently but I promise I will post again within 2 weeks to let you know if this plan worked. If this plateau last years some of you will have to come visit me at the loony bin. I'll be the one playing checkers with myself as I shove donut, after lovely donut into my crazy face. *Sigh* Dare to dream.......

Pumpkin picture was obtained from ninitalk 

Fabulous plateau sofa was designed by Adrian McDermott & was featured on Home Tone

Diet Cartoon was done by Brian Zaikowski and can be seen at his website Bztoons

Artistic running photo was taken by Bill Phelps and was featured on the Real Simple website


The Chubby Artist's Chubby Sister said...

Hey 'lil sis!

Sounds like your head is on straight. You are right there is some C-R-A-Z-Y advice out there! Here's the latest a friend shared with me....So I see her at the dentist's office and she tells me that she has lost 8 lbs in one week! My God! I had to know her she tells me that she has gone on a "cleanse" diet. What pray tell does that consist of? (1) no food (did I studder? NO FOOD) (2) drinking a mixture of lime juice, maple syrup, water and Cayenne pepper....yep... and you drink this liquid (crap) for between 10 to 90 days.

Well, no wonder she had such a rapid weight loss (and brain loss). Starvation and violent diarrhea are effective, yet very stupid and unhealthy ways to loose weight.....and yes my crazy ass friend even pulled out the jar of this disgusting mixture from her purse and offered me a thank you!

Your idea for more water intake, carb cycling, and HIIT beats the sh*t (pun intended) out of my other friends idea.

So rock on!

Cidtalk said...

I weigh myself about once every 5 or 6 weeks, and to tell the truth, I'd give it up completely if I didn't have THOSE DAYS. YOu know the ones, when you just feel bloated, more huge than usual, like someone injected you with about 20 pounds of something to drag you down.

Well, ditch the scale as much as possible and pay really close attention to things like the fit of your pants, the hang of your shirts, how you FEEL!! That's what counts. :)

X.I.R said...

Hey sis! That is just about nasty.... and to carry it in your purse no less. Oh well, I understand the desperation most of us feel to lose weight but I would like to spend most of my time OFF the potty!

X.I.R said...

Hey Cidtalk,

I am really trying to aim for once a week but find it hard for some reason (guess I am a glutton for punishment). I did finally take my measurements so that I would have a different way of measuring my success. And, even though that stupid scale still haunts me sometimes.... you are right, I DO feel & look so much better!

RhiannonSTR said...

It's so tough. My body has just not been the same since children. Some of it I can't change (size and shape of boobs), however, I do try to be as healthy as I can. I think that you are doing right - staying healthy and losing weight. Hang in there - you'll break through.


X.I.R said...

Hey RhiannonSTR,

You are right about your body changing. Been there, experienced that, However, I have been pleasantly surprised about the effect exercise can have on changing your body. When I started I did not know if my body would ever look better. Now I realize most body parts can be vastly improved with hard work and exercise. Thanks for the encouragement!