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My Body Likes Food.... Who Knew?

Ok, so apparently my body really likes food. You would think this was common sense but I always seem to find things out the hard way. I mean come on, my booty definitely did not get this large because I passed on the "good" food (and by "good" I don't mean healthy good). In my overly enthusiastic obsession to lose weight I forgot that fact and my big girl body rebelled! It figured out that I was planning to make it survive on carrot sticks and grilled chicken. The mutiny was on! My body literally said to me "No way, no how, sister! You built this body on chicken wings and an apple or two is not gonna cut it!"

So last week when my weight loss stalled again, I had to decide what to do. The majority of the information I found made me believe I was not eating enough (especially since I have been exercising like I am already skinny). So what did I do? Yep, I threw down. See that yummy little beauty above? I ate that. The Zaxby's Wings and Things. Beyond yummy. Oh, and that is not all. I am just getting started. I also had pizza and Reese's Pieces. I was scarfing those suckers down like ET was my best friend. Right about now you are probably wondering if I finally went off the deep end (but no, I was already there). Believe it or not though, this was part of my weight loss plan. I still ate right the rest of the time and exercised like crazy. Call it an experiment. A tasty, satisfying experiment. So what was the result of my experiment? I lost 3 pounds! 3 big fat pounds AND I got to eat yummy food. Life.... is..... good. 

Ok. There is one of two things happening here:
#1) Chubby girl + insane exercise + "lifestyle change" = eat more to lose (or) #2) I am queen of the "see saw" dieters. If this is true I guess I am going to have to be satisfied with a good weight loss every two or three weeks while I maintain (stay the crappy same) the rest of the time. Technically, I am still losing pretty good even if it is sporadic. I was never that great at math but I do realize 4 weeks of losing a pound equals 4 pounds lost while 2 weeks of staying the same, 1 week of a 1 pound loss and 1 week of a 3 pound loss also equals 4 pounds lost.

One final thing: Guess who jogged? Yep, I am a jogger (well, kinda). They say you need to shake things up every now and then. So, even though I have been doing kickboxing, Zumba, stepping on my step thingy and hopping on the occasional elliptical machine, I felt I needed to try something new. I decided to attempt to jog at the park. I did a jog/speed walk combo for over 4 miles! And no I did not wear an outfit like this chick on the left.... can we say welcome to the 70's? I mean seriously, how do you jog with an atomic wedgie (you know she's got one).

Zaxby's mouth-watering pictures and menu can be found here

Reese's Pieces pictures and order information (yes, you can buy them in bulk..... not that you need to) can be found here and here

70's chick clipart came from Clip Art Heaven


Lucky Pebble said...

Good for you for jogging! You're better than me. I sit in Kapioloni park (next to Waikiki) and watch all the joggers breeze past me.

Samantha said...

Chicken strips and Reece's Pieces. I'm suddenly starving!!

X.I.R said...

Lucky Pebble, well that counts for some exercise doesn't it? I mean you have to turn your head to watch them go by (surely that burns a few calories)

:) Oh, and I just figured out that your in Hawaii. I am soooo jealous!

X.I.R said...

Samantha, yeah I better hush now. Talking about it is making me want to snack and too many reese's pieces does not a skinny person make!

thecraftbegins said...

See now, the thing is, you have to dress like this. It's part of the diet. That way you run as fast as you can so you don't run into anyone you know wearing that ridiculous outfit. :) good for you though. I don't run unless something is chasing me. EVER.

X.I.R said...

thecraftbegins, Eeeewh! To be a jogger I have to dress goofy? :) That or wear spandex I guess and my body is NOT spandex ready! Yeah, I totally understand about the jogging! I don't usually run either (unless I am trying to get to a closing donut shop). But losing 19 pounds has motivated me to try new (and painful) things. I've been hobbling around sore for 2 days!

citykitty said...

All the work I did last night should count for about 10 miles of jogging. Good for you on that. I will take up jogging when I see joggers with happy faces running by. So far, I haven't seen any.

So, you're in for Zaxby's from now on?! Yea. Proud of you.

Stitch Witch said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the jogging! I've heard before that having occasional days of eating junk (the "cheat day") can actually boost your metabolism by tricking your brain somehow. Either way - it looks like it worked for you!

Now are you going to add Reese's Pieces to your "Snack on this" section? ;-)

The Chubby Artist's Chubby Sister said...

What is it with you and creepy little hairless critters from another realm? (yoda, ET, etc.)

See, I told you to feed that booty girl!

My husband has this theory that whatever exercise you do this week, you will not see in poundage lost until two weeks from now. He says it is that way for everyone, but no one pays attention to the people exercise till they are ready to drop one week and expect to see the weight loss the next week...and they don't...then they go nuts and eat everything in site just 'cause they are pissed off that their arses (is this the plural of arse?) are still large....and weight gain doesn't follow this same two week their binge then spreads their arse a little wider and they give up. Sound familiar to anyone?

So, I don't usually follow my husband's advice (those of you who are married know what I am talking about - cause anyone who will scratch their butt and then reach into the popcorn bowl should not give advice). However, somehow, his theory seemed like it might have truth to it. So I am not going to go crazy and eat down the world, even though I have stayed the same this week...but in two God...I had better lost some weight...or my husband won't have an ass left to scratch! : )

maryhanks said...

Do you have a heart rate monitor? I just bought a new one last week (Polar), a great tool that keeps you working out in your target zone, keeps track of calories burned --- love that feature.

X.I.R said...

citykitty, joggers don't smile cause they are "in the zone" (whatever that means). If there is no pain in the zone then I was not there! And trust me when I say that I hope eating the occasional Zaxby's keeps working. If what I ate last week is dieting, then sign me up for life!

X.I.R said...

Hey stitch witch! Thanks for the congrats :) I think eating a little crud really does work but I am going to see what happens next week (after eating some junk this week too). I kinda have a theory but am waiting for the results before I post about it. Oh, and (ha ha) I would LOVE to add Reese's Pieces to my snack section but think it might be counterproductive among all that healthy crap (talk about sticking out like a sore thumb). Maybe I need a "unhealthy junk you should eat occasionally" section!

X.I.R said...

Chubby sister, I like creepy little critters (you've seen my bug-eyed dog haven't you?). I guess you may have been right about feeding the fat. Seems to be working so far! I am also trying to see if Chris's theory is correct. This week will kinda tell me what type of butt shrinkage pattern I will probably follow. Oh, and whats wrong with scratching your butt and reaching in the popcorn? :)

Maryhanks, I don't have a heart rate monitor (which would be cool so I would know if I was in my target zone when exercising). I do have the GoWear Fit which I wear everyday that tracks my calories burned (versus calories in), my steps for the day and my amount of moderate exercise. I just try to reach the daily goal it set for me when I set it up online. I think it works good but to be honest I got so much going on (weight watchers, gowear fit, kickboxing, Zumba, feeding the fat, etc.) that sometimes its hard to know what is working! Good for you for tracking it and thanks for commenting!

Barb said...


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